BOLD Broadcasting

Anthony Bennice

Marketing Therapist

“As your Market Therapist, it’s my job to listen and help you accomplish your goals. When you work with me, your problems become my problems, and together we can achieve anything.”  Being raised in his parent’s Italian restaurant, Anthony developed a tireless worth ethic which he applies to everything he does at BOLD Media. When asked why he joined BOLD Media, Anthony had this to say: “It was their worth ethic that really attracted me to BOLD. I never met two people who worked as hard as Mathew and Andrew, and to me, that excited me. Being able to work in media, help businesses accomplish their goals, and constantly grow with the company is honestly inspiring.

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Web Development

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SEO & Marketing

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App Design

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  • 2017Stevens Institute of Technology
    User Experience

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    Fronted Development

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    Graphic Designer

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    Designer & Developer

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    Graphic Designer

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