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The power of digital is in its convenience to enable consumer spending action from a distance (no brick and mortar necessary). BOLD Digital helps you nurture leads to generate passive revenue from digital customers.

Online Brand Management

When you partner with BOLD to manage your day-to-day digital needs you unlock the power of BOLD’s in-house creative team and brilliant marketers! Our team can craft (or mimic) an existing “brand voice” to ensure continuity of the messaging and style thats most receptive to your customer segment.

Advanced Targeting (beyond Social Media)

When you wade into BOLD’s digital waters you may be surprised to know that our digital reach is far deeper than just Social Media. BOLD leverages cutting edge digital ad delivery techniques to not only bring you new leads, but help revitalize past customers. As they saying goes: “if you’re asking does BOLD’s digital work, you’re reading this right now”! Ask one of BOLD’s marketing therapists today to diagnosis exactly what your business needs to grow!

Campaign Unity

Digital can be a tremendous compliment to an existing Mass Media or Live Event exposure campaign! To learn more about how digital can be used as a tie-in to BOLD’s innovative mediums reach out to our marketing team at (631) 201-5050 or by e-mail at!

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Far beyond Social Media
Far beyond Social Media

Selective Reach

BOLD's events give your business an opportunity to interact face to face with thousands of real customers at each event!


Revitalize Old Clients

If your business has had past clients, we can help make them current again. Reach out to learn more!


Graphics in House

Don't have a graphic artist on staff? Don't worry! We've got all your graphic designs needs covered to handle the creative for your campaigns!

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