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Matthew Glaser

Marketing Therapist

To say Andrew has an exhaustive background in brand building and customer acquisition would be the understatement of the century. He might look young, but what he’s accomplished in 22 years on this earth hasn’t been done by most people getting ready to kick the bucket!
Andrew’s marketing experience dates back to his ripe old age of 15 when he and his business partner Matthew Glaser first developed the mobile applications for the Jones Beach Airshow, Long Island’s largest event. He then went on to produce a number of wildly successful large-scale festivals and music related events before co-launching BOLD Broadcasting (which would later evolve into the company BOLD Media is today)!
Most recently Andrew managed to launch and build the Hampton’s leading radio brand, 104.7 WELJ while still in college! Having recently graduated, Andrew was eager to dive into his passions full time and continue a growing legacy of successful brand building with brands in diverse fields across geographic Long Island (with a focus on the East End).
Andrew is widely respected as an authority on successful entrepreneurship in both the broadcast media, digital media, and public event spaces. Combine the marketing brilliance of Andrew with the unmatched power of BOLD Media and watch your company soar to new heights. Reach out below and see what we mean by brilliance!
Mark Thompson
Date of Birth:
16 December 1988
New York City, USA

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