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Our Story

Earliest Days:

It all began back when the founders, Andrew and Matthew, met in Middle School. Little did they know that their friendship would lead them to become business partners years later! In 2013, the duo created one of the most innovative business plans submitted to the Business Olympics Business Plan Competition. The plan for took home first place, and from here the pair developed an app that connects users to their local deals for shopping, events, and more.

After producing and the app, the two partnered with New York State Parks and Bethpage Federal Credit Union in 2014 to develop the mobile app suite for the largest event on Long Island, The Jones Beach Air Show. The app market was just on the rise, so Andrew and Matthew were eager to jump in on the trend. The app included a photo contest, as well as many different sponsored features, giving Andrew and Matt their first lesson in sponsorship sales.

How BOLD Became what it is today:

2016 came along and proved to be the busiest year but most crucial for Andrew and Matthew. During this year, the pair hosted and completed the first venture capital round that had officially created BOLD Broadcasting. While this happened, intense planning was taking place for the development of the very first Long Island Summer Festival.

Being that the Long Island Summer Festival was BOLD Broadcasting’s first independent event, all eyes were on them. Leading industry professionals were blown away at the huge success of the young entrepreneur’s feat as they realized that BOLD is now a force to be reckoned with.  Since 2016, the Long Island Summer Festival has hosted Crayola Chalk Artists, more than 350 different vendors, and was attended by over 45,000 people from across the Island! On top of all of that, the festival had Long Island’s ONLY presence of Hot Air Balloon rides, being the single destination on the island for attendees to have tethered rides, and where each balloon had sponsorship opportunities making this a beneficial endeavor for all!

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As Andrew and Matthew realized their passion and dedication to Marketing, Media and more, they acquired 104.7-FM WELJ from Cumulus Media, becoming the youngest owners of commercial mass media in the United States. Their first broadcast was in November of 2016 as “The East End’s Holiday Station”, then transitioning on December 26th, 2016 to “The East End’s Easy Favorites” growing to be the largest station in the market with average listening times over 4 hours long! Now each year, the station transitions into holiday time to continue being the East End’s destination for all holiday music.

As 2018 rolled in, BOLD Broadcasting had launched Big Rig Saturday in partnership with the YMCA of Long Island, a fundraiser for Stony Brook Children’s Hospital raising over $10k. This was the beginning of an amazing future for BOLD Broadcasting!

BOLD Today:

Bold Broadcasting was proud to make Big Rig Saturday an annual event due to its huge success. But of course, BOLD’s biggest event, the Riverhead Holiday Light Show, is now also returning annually due to its wildly successful first year!

The Riverhead Holiday Light Show was the largest holiday event on the East End, hosting over 35,000 people. This event has excited tons of families and has sprouted as their newest holiday tradition. Now, BOLD is hosting brand new shows in Florida and Massachusetts and holding operational responsibility for 11 more shows across the nation!

Most recently in January 2019, BOLD Broadcasting transitioned to the more cohesive brand of BOLD Media. During their major rebrand= the RED trifecta was born; Radio, Events, Digital, to better organize their skill sets and provide more value to clients. Now serving any type of marketing need you can possibly dream up, BOLD is prepared to launch your brand to become the best it can be, in every aspect of the Marketing world!

The Future


BOLD Media is excited to be continuing their annual events, as well as diving into new endeavors. BOLD is expected to be a nationwide brand, creating events that will draw people in from across state lines and create clients over multiple markets. The future is bright for BOLD, and if the opportunity is presented to them, BOLD will exceed expectations every single time.

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